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Massage Therapist

My name is Serena and I’m a professional, fully trained and qualified, holistic massage therapist with over 6 years of direct experience in helping clients feel de-stressed and relaxed within their own bodies.

My mission is to provide an interlude and place of space and healing in our otherwise hectic lives.

I have always been ​fascinated by the deep interconnection of the physical body and emotional mind.

I’m particularly interested in the underlying mechanisms that trigger stress and anxiety in the individual and how bodywork techniques can offer significant relief from such symptoms.

I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all therapy.

My treatments are completely tailored to your needs. I will work on your physical body to relieve pain and tension whilst also taking into account your emotional and spiritual well-being.

I am passionate about the benefits of massage and the power of ‘stopping’ which brings the mind, body and soul back into balance.

Warmly, Serena



- CPD, Treating generalised Anxiety Disorders and Panic Attacks by Mindbody Breakthrough, Oxford, 2018


- Level 4 in Holistic Massage at Bodyology School of Massage (under Massage Training Institute), London, 2014

- Reiki level 1 and 2 at Reiki Maya, (5th in line from Dr Mikao Usui), London, 2012

- Hot stone massage at Bodyology School of Massage (Massage Training Institute), London, 2015

- Seated Massage at On The Spot Training School, Hockley, Essex, 2015

- Hands free Massage at On The Spot Training School, Hockley, Essex, 2016

- Indian Champissage at London Centre of Indian Champissage, London, 2016

- Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage at London School of Massage, London, 2018

- Facial course at Oh So Lovely, London, 2018

- First Aid course and CPR

- Cancer massage, Amethyst Trust, Gloucester, 2019

- MASCED accreditation - Melanoma and Skin cancer early detection, 2019


- Translator for Prisoners Abroad since 2007.

- Volunteer massage therapist at The Humming Bird in Bicester, Oxfordshire, giving treatments to cancer patients and their families.


- Massage Training Institute, MTI


Massage Therapist

My name is Sarah Jane and I’m a holistic massage therapist, trained to diploma level at the Cotswold Academy. I have a background in Gestalt Therapy and Trauma Informed Social Work. I specialise in restorative massage that integrates body, mind and emotional wellbeing, using deep listening, energy awareness, trauma sensitivity, transparency and consent.

My approach includes Swedish massage techniques with light to medium pressure along with gentle compressions, joint mobilisation, gentle rocking and stretching which allow the body to naturally unwind and restore balance. The approach is particularly beneficial for whole body relaxation, encouraging deeper and easier breathing, supporting the Autonomic Nervous System to regulate and release so that clients can feel safe, connected and find deep rest.

I also offer ‘Deeper Listening Programmes’ which combine massage with some education about the nervous system, breathwork, meditations, and practices you can do at home to enhance the impact of your sessions. These can work really well during times of transition, for those currently working with a psychotherapist or for those wishing to boost their vitality/creativity.



CPD - Gestalt Psychotherapy Training 2006-2010

CPD - Sensory Motor Therapy Introductory Training - Body Oriented therapy Techniques for Trauma and Attachment 2011


- Level 3 Diploma in Holistic Massage at the Cotswold Academy 2020

- Level 2 Infection Control for Complementary & Holistic Therapies 2020

- Reiki Level 1 at The Lotus School of Reiki, Oxfordshire, 2021

- MA/DpSW in Social Work 2002

Relevant Experience/Self Care & Personal Development

- 2020 to Present | Me & White Supremacy | Decolonisation | Embodied anti-racist practice and culture building Reading & Embodied Reflection Group, interrogating whiteness, capitalism and heteronormativity in order to not retraumatise clients.

- 2011 to Present | Red Earth Dance Sanctuary with Oya More| ongoing self enquiry and dance | Support through trauma healing, embodied movement, meditation, self enquiry, ritual theatre and conscious community.

- 2018 to present | Boe Huntress Mystery School | Assistant role in group exploring archetypes, integrating the work of Bill Plotkin and Elisabeth Serra with Boe’s own work, conscious community and embodied movement.

- 2017-2018 | New Moon Sister Circle | 9 months hosting monthly women’s circle

2015-2017 | Wisdom of the Womb with Katarzyna Pugowska | 2 years as crew member | Five Rhythms events

- 2010-2018 | NSPCC | Training Consultant | Lead Trainer for Trauma Informed Therapeutic Work

- 2008-2010 | Family Action | Therapeutic Social Work Role

2008 to present | Five Rhythms Dance Ongoing movement practice


- Federation of Holistic Therapists - I am also insured through this organisation.

For more information please contact Sarah Jane directly or book via the online booking system

email: [email protected]

phone: 07788668640

Website: www.deeperlistening.life