Deeper Listening Progamme - Trauma informed massage

by Sarah Jane

For those who wish to commit over time, integrating caring non-intrusive touch with practices that support you to listen to your body, nourish your nervous system and allow for a deeper exploration of yourself within the safety of a therapeutic relationship.

The commitment

Committing to a series of sessions over time allows for a deeper enquiry, a deeper relationship to yourself, including the parts you may have been trying to escape, avoid or control. Only you know when it’s time to commit to a deeper listening to your belly, your heart, your lungs…to your deeper longings.

Sessions are held weekly or fortnightly and are recommended for a timeframe of three months to a year. Sessions can be trialled initially for 4 sessions to see if it’s a good fit.

Using caring non intrusive touch and practical methods to explore your embodied awareness, boundaries and your relationship to sensation, these sessions help you to befriend your own nervous system, understand the impact of stress on your body and offer you tools to encourage connection, acceptance and a deeper sense of wellbeing.

What’s involved?

The Deeper Listening Programme integrates a range of creative interventions, including:

  - Initial intake session of 90 minutes

  - Private sessions of 60 minutes that encourage embodied awareness, offer consensual touch and explore practices that support you to listen to your body, nourish your nervous system and step into your power

  - Email support from me between sessions

  - Creation of ‘Deeper Listening Actions’ so that you leave sessions with intuitive, aligned, actionable steps

  - Respect for your own body’s wisdom and healing potential.

What does Trauma Informed Mean? and link it to this google doc: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ch9js9kXG02v7bC25ewg4UFADILBXX8vKWTayiayXL0/edit?usp=sharing

For more information please contact Sarah Jane directly or book via the online booking system

email: [email protected]

phone: 07788668640

Website: www.deeperlistening.life

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